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Users We hope in search of Learners License you reached here! We will help you step by step how to download the learner’s Licence from the official website Learner Licence is an instant ticket for a Driving Licence in your own name! Digital Life made our daily life easy similarly Parivahan Porta also made the download of Learner Licence for us without any headache!

Easy Procedure To Download LL & DL Online

Today we gonna cover all the details regarding LL (Learner’s Licence) like How to download LL Licence, How to renew LL Licence, How you can apply for Duplicate DL, How to change the address in Driving Licence, Also Update Mobile Number in Your DL Licence!

Important Points Related LL [Learner’s Licence]

  • The basic need to get a driving licence is Learner Licence, So you must have a Learner Licence before applying for Driving Licence
  • Say still you are new in Driving Vehicle, But if you have Learner Licence then you learn driving in a legal manner!
  • To learn Driving with any person or Driving Instructor or in any Driving School you should carry your Learner’ Licence
  • You won’t be penalized if traffic police see you driving on a road if you carry a Learner’s Licence but for an only a certain amount of time!

All States – STEP by STEP Guide To Download LL [Learner’s Licence]

Now we will come to know how we can download the Learner’s Licence from the official website Parivahan Portal digitally. Let follow some steps before we began to download the LL PDF Print Out!

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